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The innovation of Puglia to the conquest of China

After Guangdong, Vendola visit to the province of Zehjiang


After Guangdong, the Zehjiang. Continue in the Chinese province with the largest port in the world as yield (the port in the city of Ningbo) the institutional mission of the President of the Region of Puglia Nichi Vendola in China. A mission for the first time sees business districts Puglia bring to China the Italian know-how in the field of renewable energy, energy saving and environmental protection.
Yesterday Vendola opened before the eighth edition of the event China-Italy Regional & International Technological Innovation Projects 2011 in the presence of the highest authorities of local policies (among them the deputy governor Mao Guanglie and the Consul General of Italy in Shanghai Vincenzo De Luca) and immediately after the Italian pavilion inside the Fair. The inauguration also international delegations from over 10 countries from different continents and more than 30 enterprises of the Italian regions, Puglia, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, three of the five regions involved in the projects of the program MAE / Regions / China. Vendola was the only foreign authority to speak during the official opening ceremony.
What we have to pursue through innovation – said Vendola – is certainly the economic growth, but also necessarily the health of people, widespread prosperity, the health of our city. ”
Great attention is that, after the rich southern province of Guangdong, Zhejiang shows that even for environmental technology and technological innovation in general. For this reason, especially waiting to Hangzhou was the presence of the business realities of Puglia engaged in technical mission currently underway.
Organized on behalf of the Region of Puglia from the Arti, the Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation, which manages the project RENEWAL under agreements MAE / Regions / China, the mission brings a significant fact in Zhejiang epresentation business sectors renewable energy, environmental protection and sustainable building.

After the official visit to the event, which also houses representatives of the United States, Russia, Belarus, Israel, Germany and the Netherlands, Vendola participated in the workshop of presentation of the three Italian regions present at the Fair. “To be fficace, innovation must result in a change in the general cultural and accompany the improvement of quality of life. We in Puglia we chose to have confidence in globalization and economic competition, “said the president of Puglia. “The innovation brings with it the need of great responsibility – he continued – and in Italy today if the weather changes so as to determine tropical storms and hydrogeological disasters is because you were not smart, nor esponsabili.” “In Puglia, however, in a few years we have put a strong change, through innovation, we are the first Italian region for the production of wind energy and photovoltaics, because we have companies that are able to manage in a competitive and innovative environmental technologies and as energy. Some of these companies have crossed the sea with us to come to China to present their skills and to meet your business’.

“The Twelfth Five-Year Plan of China, recently launched, consider environmental protection a top priority,” said the consul De Luca, also highlighting how China has for some years now receptive to innovative production of large multinational corporations, but increasingly in those of small and medium-sized enterprises and activities expressed districts, with which the Chinese government has determined that it should increase particularly trade relations and cooperation. Among the institutional meetings, to report what took place at the Government Palace in the city with the provincial governor of Zehjiang, Xia Baolong, who said he was particularly impressed by the quality of the companies present in Puglia and experience gained from the Puglia region in the field of protection environmental and cycles of waste and water. In keeping with President Vendola, both greeted with interest and appreciation the start of the economic co-operation and partnership activities. “