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Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2011

on FAX – Conversano 

Great springboard for the Matrix s.p.a. towards the eastern market with the participation eighth edition of the event China-Italy Regional Innovation & International Technological Projects 2011.

The fair was inaugurated by the President of the Region of Puglia, Nichi Vendola, took place in the province of Zehjiang to Hangzhou big center near Ningbo, the largest port in the world as performance.

This initiative fits within the Project Renewal, Regional New Energy and Environmental, co-funded by Puglia, Emilia Romagna and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the MAE Program Region-China and aims to promote institutional and technological partnerships with those which are two of the most developed provinces of the growing economic power of China.

The event saw the participation of ten European countries and more than thirty Italian companies. It is the first time that Apulian companies bring their skills in China in the fields of renewable energy, environmental protection and sustainable building.

Several projects of the Matrix in these areas. Involve improving energy efficiency in the exploitation of renewable energy sources and systems for monitoring environmental parameters. The company has so captured the interest of the major political figures attended the event, in particular, the deputy governor Mao Guanglie and the Consul General of Italy in Shanghai Vincenzo De Luca. The Chinese authorities are showing great attention to environmental protection. The strong industrial growth and urbanization are the urgent, in fact, upset the Chinese territory. The sources of pollution continue to multiply and this is having a negative impact on local ecosystems to which China is trying to remedy.

A successful mission for the company Conversano who took the opportunity to build on contacts that will lead to broader international developments.

The mission was divided into two parts: company visits in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, from seven to eight in November and then participate in the Innovation Festival in Hangzhou from ten to eleven. A Canton Italian companies have participated in workshops with Chinese institutions. At the fair in Hangzhou, however, was given space to the know-how of Puglia, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, as well as representatives of Russia, the USA, Netherlands, Belarus, Germany and Israel.

Puglia has chosen to represent himself with great entrepreneurial spirit of innovation to launch the international market two of the areas that represent the best of regional development: sustainable building and green economy. To accompany the whole mission president Vendola, the only foreign authority to take the floor during the opening of the fair in Hangzhou. The Chinese policymakers said they were particularly affected by the quality of the work of companies from Puglia, and the experience especially in the field of environmental protection and waste and water cycles. The intent is to create partnerships in order to undertake appropriate channels to reach the potential of the “China market”.