Puglia forerunners for enterprise networks


Posted on Saturday, February 20, 2010

on Il Sole 24 Ore



Puglia forerunners for enterprise networks

Two examples: a network of monitoring sources of urban pollution and then the “house of the future.” In both there are companies on the net that you try and integrate. So for the monitoring with control units that control the city traffic thanks to a network of low-cost sensors, project in which they are engaged between the other, the Matrix of Conversano, in Bari, which processes the software, Enea (controlling shareholder Cetma of Brindisi, a research center on the materials, now in its 15th year of activity) with carbon nanotubes and Igeam (locations in Liguria and Brindisi) with 100 engineers working on this and other research projects throughout Italy. And still a project for the “house of the future” in which to combine the new conception of domestic life, with appliances that “speak” with a console, renewable and home automation for automatic control of all utilities. This is also a project in the network between the Marches of Indesit, Ariston, the Cetma of Brindisi, Sant’Anna of Pisa and Bari Matrix, all engaged in innovative research from 10 million euro also financed by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Two examples, among many, of collaboration between companies, between small and medium-sized enterprises, to recover organizational efficiency and thus react to the crisis. A “network strategy” in which to optimize costs, reduce inefficiencies, share information. Hence network companies, through which Confindustria aims to seize the opportunities offered by the network contract, which stimulates the integration and overcomes the limitation as between companies.

E << ‘>> another way to innovate, says Giancarlo Losma, president of Ucimu-systems to produce, in Bari for the biennial Salon in the industry that will close on Sunday at the Fiera del Levante. << E ‘innovation also the network of businesses to lower costs, achieve more ambitious goals and gain strategic advantages by optimizing the costs of buying and those of research and development, as well as obtain different ratios with banks to finance domestic and international conditions more advantageous >>. The gamble on new markets, especially those of the ones where the recovery has already begun, such as China, India and South America, is linked to << clear ideas on investment is absolutely necessary to be competitive >>. And among the ideas clear, there is also the integration. View from Puglia, the region that has led the way with a regional law which manufacturing districts imitated a little ‘everywhere, aggregation is a choice practiced for some time. On the contrary. << The network is the further evolution of the districts >> says Michele Vinci, who leads the Masmec, Bari company of automotive part, with ten more between companies and universities, in the district of Puglia mechatronics. We have before << a complex period and the network can resist and start hooking the recovery>>. On integration projects between companies Confindustria is committed with force. Coming together <<-said Emma Marcegaglia, president of Confindustria,-is essential to do research, innovation, enable buying groups and seek new outlet channels >>.